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Fence Staining and Fence Painting

At Colonial Fence, we create, build and install fencing that is designed to look great and last for years to come. In addition to using quality core materials, staining and painting also play a major role in our ability to consistently deliver fencing with these qualities to our valued customers. Preventing warping, cracking and fading are just a few advantages of stained or painted fencing over their non-treated counterparts. For wood fencing, we elevate the natural look and performance of pickets, posts and other lumber components with careful application of quality stain and sealant. Similarly, our cellular vinyl composite fence can be enhanced with a coating of the right paint products.

Advanced Cellular Vinyl Fence Painting

High Performance Fence Staining

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We leverage over 60 years of collective experience to offer expert painting services for vinyl fencing

Advanced Cellular Vinyl Paint Applications

While our cellular composite vinyl fencing is already renowned for its exceptional durability and immaculate appearance, many choose to update the color of the material with long-lasting and style enhancing paint.

We use top-of-the-line marine grade primers and latitude exterior paint by Sherwin Williams. This versatile line of solid color acrylic paint penetrates cellular vinyl fencing for lasting protection, peeling prevention and mildew resistance. It also features an intentionally thick formula, so that applications reliably deliver full coverage and uniform finishes. You can customize your project by selecting from the brand’s comprehensive pallet of available outdoor colors, including Greenblack, White Dove, Grays Harbor and many other signature colors.

Choosing to paint your cellular composite vinyl fencing not only refreshes its look but also adds a personal touch that can beautifully complement your home’s exterior. With latitude paint, you are investing in a solution that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the longevity and resilience of your fencing. It’s a smart way to blend style with functionality, ensuring that your fence remains a standout feature of your property for years to come.

We leverage over 60 years of collective experience to offer expert staining services for wood fencing

High Performance Staining Solutions

By pre-staining materials with EXPERT Stain & Seal in our climate-controlled facility using cutting-edge equipment, we ensure every bit of surface area receives uniform coverage – and avoid common issues associated with post-installation staining, such as uneven color due to varying wood conditions and weather impacts and overspray that can be detrimental to your property and also your neighbors.

Additionally, these staining and finishing solutions have an edge over competing products in that they contain powerful conditioning oils that penetrate lumber down to its core.

When properly stained, not only will your fence resist UV exposure, moisture and other weather-related issues – but it will maintain a stunning appearance while doing so.

Find the Perfect Stain to Fit Your Property

Transparent Stains


Semi-Transparent Stains


Semi-Solid Stains


Protecting Your Family and the Planet

Prioritizing the health of your family and sustainability of the environment is another advantage of the EXPERT Stain & Seal brand products that we use. It is designed to keep volatile organic compounds (VOC) to ultra-low levels, unlike many other products on the market, which can be carcinogenic when inhaled. Additionally, our pre-staining approach further reduces environmental impact by eliminating the issue of overspray, in which excess product is emitted into the air or onto your lawn.