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What Is the Best Kind of Wood for a Wood Fence in New England?

Building a fence for your property in New England requires careful consideration of the materials you choose. Many local homeowners choose wood for its timeless look and lasting performance. However, not all lumber is equal. While you may be able to save a few dollars upfront by installing Spruce, Pine and pressure treated wood, you’ll likely end up paying for it in the long run with early repairs and replacement. Since the era of the pilgrims, Northern White Cedar has been used in construction for its natural resistance to weather and pests, charming aesthetic and easy upkeep. These qualities have helped it remain the best material for a wood fence to this day.

Naturally Strong

When it comes to durability, Northern White Cedar outshines other wood species commonly used for fencing. It contains natural oils and resins that make it highly resistant to decay, rot and infestation of termites or other pests. These remarkable characteristics ensures that your fence will maintain its structural integrity and remain sturdy, even in the face of New England's unpredictable weather conditions.

Built for New England Weather

From scorching sun exposure in the summer to frigid winter storms with high winds and heavy snow -- New England experiences a full spectrum of weather conditions. Northern White Cedar fence is ideally suited to withstand these extremes. The wood’s fibers can expand and contract without warping, splitting or cracking, making it an ideal choice for regions with significant fluctuations in temperature and moisture levels. With Northern White Cedar, you can trust that your fence will stand strong against the elements, year after year.

A Timeless Look for Local Landscapes

In addition to its outstanding longevity, fence constructed of Northern White Cedar also possess a classic beauty that is the perfect complement to New England’s traditional architecture. Its smooth grain pattern and light golden color add warmth and elegance to any property. Whether you desire a rustic or refined look, Northern White Cedar fence can be easily customized with stains or finishes to suit your personal taste.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

You have enough projects around the house. Why add extra fence maintenance to your to-do list? The amount of attention your fence will need largely depends on the kind of wood it is constructed from. Northern White Cedar excels in this regard, requiring minimal upkeep compared to other wood species. Its natural resistance to decay and insects reduces the need for chemical treatments, power washing and other meticulous upkeep. By choosing Northern White Cedar, you can spend less time and effort on maintenance and more time enjoying your beautiful fence.

Protect Your Property and the Planet

Northern White Cedar is a renewable resource that grows abundantly in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. The harvesting of this wood is carefully regulated to ensure responsible and sustainable forestry practices. By opting for a fence made from Northern White Cedar, you can contribute to a better environment while enhancing the appeal and value of your property.

The Clear Choice for Wood Fencing

When it comes to wood fencing in New England, Northern White Cedar outperforms other woods in terms of durability, weather resistance, aesthetic appeal, maintenance requirements and sustainability. By selecting Northern White Cedar, you are investing in a material that combines longevity, beauty and environmental responsibility. Your wood fence will not only look amazing, but also provide privacy and security for years to come.

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